Special Feature: Honeymooning in Saint Lucia - The Enormous Picture Journal - Day 2

Special Feature: Honeymooning in Saint Lucia - The Enormous Picture Journal - Day 2

Tuesday, November 19 - Enjoying La Batterie and Some Light Exploration

No alarm clock this morning. After we woke up, I opened the doors to our bedroom with Ruby still in bed. It was beautiful - like a painting. Our room overlooked Soufriere Bay and both the Pitons. There were no other villas visible on our side of the bay from our balcony, which meant total privacy.

We ate a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs on toast, prepared in our kitchen. It was just us, the birds, and the geckos.

We spent some time in the pool, and made plans with the property’s gardener, Terry, to do a rainforest tour the next day.

We had asked in advance for Stephanie to get lunch sandwich materials for us. She wasn’t able to get deli meats, which was a bit of a buzzkill on lunch. Because of this, we decided to make our way into Soufriere to search for food.

Stephanie had recommended a place called The Golden Spoon. Upon venturing into town, we discovered we had no idea how to identity places to park. Looking somewhat confused, a local stopped us and walked us to a small lot not far from where we were.

Of course, he wanted a dollar for that. Sure, why not. Then some useless person came to welcome us and told us he would “protect our car”. Great, thanks.

After a little bit of searching, we found The Golden Spoon inside a miniature mall.

The menu wasn’t totally impressive. Menu items were fairly American, except from the addition of rotis. Ruby ordered a fried fish sandwich, and I ordered a chicken burger.

Our food eventually came, and we were both impressed at how good it was.

When we returned to the Jimny, we were delighted that the person “protecting our car” was nowhere in sight. So much for that, huh?

Instead of going straight home, we headed further north to explore. This took us through Canaries and up into Anse La Raye. Going all the way to Castries was debated, but we determined it would be better to save that for another day where we could dedicate more time to it, so we turned around.

When we were almost back to Soufriere, Ruby spotted a sign that said something about a parrot sanctuary. I turned the car around so that we could investigate.

We parked, crossed the street, and passed through the entrance.

Down the hill came a thin man with disorganized grey hair with occasional dredlocks. He is Asa, a local Rastafarian man in his late 60’s. He’s lived on Saint Lucia for most of his life, and manages a nature trail featuring an overlook where you are likely to see parrots if you visit at the right time of day.

This sounded awesome to Ruby and I, but we decided to come back another day when we were both a little more prepared for a hike.

Back to La Batterie we went. We were pretty exhausted and ended up crashing in bed for a nap, and didn’t wake until 5 PM or so.

I woke up with the fact that Stephanie was preparing dinner for us on my mind. Worried that our snooze had messed with her plans, I made my way through the villa to the kitchen. Everything was dark. BK, the night watchman, informed me that Stephanie hadn’t been at the villa since he arrived.

I became a little concerned that we were without a dinner in a country where I wasn’t yet comfortable taking my wife around in unfamiliar places in the dark. I called Stephanie. She laughed. Our dinner was hiding in the oven (already cooked).

Ruby and I prepared a table on the balcony and dug into our second sampling of rotis on the island. This time they were beef based, and served alongside a side of scallop potatoes (YUM).

Unsure of what to do at night at the villa, we moved some [heavy] furniture around to put a couch in front of the oddly placed TV in the dining room to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. One of the first scenes was shot just up the coast in Marigot Bay.

Not wanting to bother the house staff, we put the furniture back before going to sleep.


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